Direct-Stream Digital Playback, DSD

Raspberry Pi B+
Volumio release 1.51

Playing DSD to PCM on-the-fly conversion (.dff or .dsf files ) when the DAC does not support native DSD results in a stuttering playback. The playback is very good quality with exception of ~100ms dropouts very second or so. The IQAudio implements the TI Burr Brown 32-bit/384kHz DAC (TI PCM5122) on the i2S bus. There is likely a downsampling issue with the i2S driver. Does anyone understand this issue and is there any workaround such as a better driver or tweaks. Do you also experience a similar result? Overlocking seems to help, but is not a solution.

  • Tracer5

o, yes! dac i2c pcm5102 don*t play normally files flac 32bit/384KHz & DFF :frowning:(

I have the same issue with a PCM5102 Generic I2S DAC. Is there a workaround?