Direct LAN connection Android -> Volumio (Pi)

I am trying to get a direct USB-LAN connection from an Android Smartphone to Volumio (Pi3), but I can’t get it to work.
Through a router with static IP -> working
direct connection between a PC and Volumio (with both static IP) -> working
I assume that I need a static IP on the Android smartphone. I tried this in shell with some IP commands
IP addr add dev eth0, ifconfig eth0, ifconfig eth0 netmask
But it doesn’t work for me and I can’t find the static IP of Volumio Also tried with DHCP.

Anybody an idea how to get this working? Is my direction of just establishing a static IP from the Android Smartphone correct to control Volumio with the Web UI?

Thank you for help!

What do you mean with “direct USB-LAN connection”? Your Raspi is connectet with an LAN cable to the (local) Network? Your Smartphone is logged in into the same Network? You want to control Volumio with your Smartphone and the webui?

There’s no local network with a router. Just a direct Lan connection between 2 computers.
pi3 with volumio and a Android7 Smartphone. Smartphone should use the web ui of Volumio via Lan to control the music. If I am using a Notebook instead of the Smartphone with a static Ip its working.

Isn’t there an Option called Hotspot? Have you tried it?

It is not clear to me what you are trying to achieve here (or at least, HOW you are trying). Do you mean that your router does not provide a wireless connection for your mobile to connect to, and that you are using a usb-LAN connector?

Ok, sorry to be unclear. No, I have a router and a switch. But I don’t want to use this with my music environment.

I just want to use a direct connection between my Pi (volumio) including Usb harddisk and a 2nd device which controls the music.

I did this first with a Wifi Hotspot but I wanted to try this wired.

So this setup is just between the Pi and a Pc connected by Lan which works.

But I wanted this setup with a smartphone because it has a touchscreen and is easier to handle.
A smartphone doesnt have native Lan ports, so you need to use the usb port with an adapter which works.
But I can’t get a setup for a static ip of the Android device, so that I am able to find the volumio Ip and controlling the music via web ui.

If I understand you, you want to connect your Pi directly to your phone via a cable and use the phone to control the Volmio system. I do not think that is supported by the Volumio software. If you want it all hardwired, you need a router in the middle. If you want to only use the PI and phone, you need to use the Pi/Volumio hotspot.

I could be mistaken about all of that, but that’s how I’ve figured it out.


No, its working if its between a Pc and Pi, because I can set static Ip and they are both in the same network. But I am not able to set a fixed Ip in a shell on Android. I just thought that someone already tried that kind of setup [emoji6]