Digital output HAT for DAC

Hi all,
I’m new to the world of hi-fi and need your help.

I am about to purchase RPi 3B+ or RPi 4. I m not planing to use USB ports, so I guess the model if RPi doesn’t matter.

I am planing to purchase either Topping D30 or Modi 3 DAC.
My question is which digital output HAT is better for the setup above?

I was considering Justboom Digi or Hifiberry Digi+ Pro.
Your opinions?

HiFiBerry and Allo have a good reputation. I’ve not heard of the JustBoom.
I’d be going for the HiFiBerry or Allo equivalent.

If you are buying either of those DACs, a USB connection is the easiest way to get best quality sound. With the RPi 4, there is no benefit to using an S/PDIF hat - you only need an S/PDIF hat if your USB port introduces jitter (a problem with the 3B+) - spending money on a a HAT instead of using the an RPi 4 seems to make things more complicated without an obvious benefit.

So, I would recommend getting the RPi 4 and using USB to the Topping or Modi. Topping’s D30 seems to test really well, and they seem to have less issues than Schiit - though I think some people like the sound from the Schiit DACs/


I have read some mixed reviews regarding the USB port noise on RPi 4. Some people say that the problem was resolved, but there is also this guy:

It would be ideal for avoid any HATs… are there any detailed comparisons of RPi 3 vs RPi4?