Digital and Analog Inputs Playback - with MiniDSP USBStreamer B?


(As I’m now a MyVolumio subscriber I hope you won’t mind that I move this thread here)

I’m looking to leverage the very good PecanPi Streamer (it’s Rpi 3 based) by feeding it various kinds of sources and I recently learnt that MyVolumio offers the capability to play digital & analog inputs.

From the specs (and maybe your personal experience) do you think I’ll be able to add a MiniDSP USBStreamer B to the streamer ( to set its TOSLINK input as a “Digital input playback” in Volumio ?

Thanks for your help


Hello @volumio ,

I confirm that MCHStreamer from MiniDSP is working but it seems that you have set the input with fixed bitdepth and ressampling thus there is ressampling maybe taking place somewhere in ALSA that I don’t need. How could I set another bitdepth/sampling, or even better no ressampling at all (aligned to the input format) ?

Also, from time to time there are “/usr/bin/sox WARN alsa: under-run” errors that are actually audible (audio cut) I will report these errors properly though.

Thanks for your help


Hi Philippe, we actually get the input at the highest frequency supported by the input.

Ok so somehow it’ no detected properly (not on Volumio fault of course) because the user manual clearly states that input support up to 192khz in this firmware mode (toslink only) but I guess that to troubleshot this issue I’ll have to go to minidsp support / forums :wink: