Digi+ Flac in/PCM out?

Hi All

Is this possible (or maybe already happening)?

I have searched the web for an answer but haven’t found anything useful.
I am currently running my music from an RPi2 + Digi+ with all files being FLAC (and the occasional mp3). I wish to add room correction and have the chance of buying the Behringer DEQ2496 at a good price, but it requires a PCM-stream (I will be using it fully digital; digi in/digi out) between my digi+ and DAC.

I hope someone has an answer :slight_smile:

PS: I have very little experience with Linux/Pi, thus it needs to be an officially supported feature.


AFAIK, the only output formats dealt with are DSD and PCM in this part of the audio world. PCM is what you have if you don’t use DSD (which is strange and difficult and beloved of people who know too much…). I think it’s taken for granted that it’s PCM,

Chris M

Thank you for the reply!

Just to make sure i’m understanding this correctly: a raspberry pi with a hifiberry digi+ will always output a PCM signal (or DSD if required), irrespective of input filetype?
(I understand that this forum may not be familiar with the hifiberry products, but I guess it would be the same for any digital output device?)


Yes, although it’s hard to find this info. I think it’s that everyone takes it for granted. I use a RPi 1 B+ with a HiFiBerry DAC Pro+ into a Sony STRDA2400ES receiver, and it sits on a line-level input just fine. I had(until a couple of weeks ago) a HiFiBerry Digi+ driving a Musical Fidelity V-DAC2, then into the Sony, but the HiFiBerry DAC sounds better, so the MF stuff went via Ebay. In all honesty, this is the first time I’ve confronted the question of what format the signal moves as from component to component, I’ve always just plugged stuff together that’s known to work…

Chris M