Difference between .m3u & .m3u8 re. how Volumio handles them

Hi there

My first post and natural I am looking for assistance/guidance.

Have been setting up some additional web radio entries and so far it has been a really good experience thanks to Volumio.

However, I have a question about the difference between .m3u & .m3u8 files & how Volumio handles them…differently it appears.

In the case of .m3u I get a playlist which shows up in Volumio giving additional information related to what is playing on the station. But if I use (because it is the only file type that I can find for the station) .m3u8, whilst I get the station fine I do not get any of the additional information that I got with .m3u.

Now from my reading on the web I understood (perhaps mistakenly) that .m3u & .m3u8 are synonymous/equivalents…but that is not what I am seeing in Volumio.

It is no biggie as the sound is superb…which is the main thing…but I would like to understand this apparent difference when it should apparently not exist. :thinking:

Any learned information on this gratefully accepted by this newbie. :grin:

Many thanks in advance.

The Charbits

PS: sample web radio link with which I am experiencing the ‘lack’ of information:


Disappointed as I was hoping that one of the obviously very knowledgeable members out there would share some wisdom.

So is the best approach going forward for me to log a bug on the basis that Volumio should be able to process .m3u8 files as per .m3u files?

Many thanks…in hope of a response.

The Charbits