Denafrips Native DSD

I tried Dop and None but the Denafrips led scheme via USB from an RPI4 still remained at 44.1 and 1X for any tracks higher than 44.1 even though Volumio showed the right sampling rate.

Have you tried DoP and Hardware mixer? That’s how mine is currently setup, and I can play DSD no problem. Also: what resolution are your DSD files? I’m not sure if DoP can handle anything greater than DSD 128.

My only choices for Mixer type are software or None. Even 48 tracks are being downplayed to 44.1 on my rig. Are you using a raspberry Pi/?

Hmm. Very strange. I’m using a Pi 4B. I recently wiped it and reloaded it with the latest Volumio (2.806).

I also have 2.806. I like Volumio but this morning I plan to end my relationship with it. I am moving on to the system RopieeeXL, ROON, HQplayer to stream Tidal. I think I will be happier with that system and associated dsp options.

What DSP options are you missing in Volumio?