Deezer Plugin

Yes really love volumio but I miss a Deezer plugin.
Please add it!

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Please do add Deezer. Alternatively, how can I help it’s getting this supported? Can I submit a patch, donate?

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Deezer would be great, deezer hifi even better!


Hi, I use Deezer via bluetooth but it doesn’t work properly. It dont read all tracks. For exemple, I listen fist track but when second track start I’ve no sound.
I’m have to switch to an other track to have sound or disconnect and reconnect bluetooth.

Do you have same problem ?

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I heard a lot about volumio, but deezer support is elementary! Without deezer support I’ll not checkout volumio.

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To support a service in Volumio, we need to be authorized by such service and receive an SDK (which is the information needed to login, fetch tracks, play tracks etc).
We’ve been in talks with Deezer to receive the SDK last year, it seemed it was done but then they simply stopped replying to our emails and therefore we’re stuck waiting on them…
Usually, it’s very useful to get Volumio accepted by a service if you guys go on Deezer forums demanding Volumio integration, the more write there, the more chances there are they will be back at us…

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Done just right now :wink:

Response from Deezer:

Thanks a lot @ivan.jeremic

We’re currently in the process of updating our SDKs so it isn’t the time to start a new partnership - but once it’s done (this year) we’ll be looking into exploring this possibility. You’ve got so many good points when it comes to userbase and we don’t want to miss out - but there’s room for improvement on our SDKs at the moment and we’re currently making it better.

If you could add this link to Volumio’s support in the meantime, that could be useful.


Are there any news about the deezer Plugin?
BTW a Soundcloud and a Mixcloud-Plugin would be great too

@Hagen Both plugins exist already. and work too.

Thanks, maybe, but not yet in the Plugin section of my up to date version of volumio. Neither there is a Deezer nor a Soundcloud or Mixcloud Plugin!?

Sound cloud plugin:

Mix cloud plugin

They are busy with Deezer and hopefully in a few months will have an official plugin too.

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And i’m running both plugins on 3.066 X86. But you have to manually instal.

Sorry, I’m just a simple ignorant guy without programming skills. I just have a ready to use Volumio Primo with pre-installed and regulary updated Volumio. And in it’s plugin section is none of the called streaming services integrated.So I wanted to have them integrated in the the regular section.
But when the plugins are generally available why aren’t they already integrated in the plugin section of Volumio, @volumio ? Shoud be an easy peasy job I guess?

To integrate a plugin, the author must submit pull request in GitHub) it in order to be tested and if ok, it will be published as a standard plugin. If the author just keep it in his personal repo (for plenty of reason), it will never be published.

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Hello @Hagen,

I am the author of the SoundCloud and Mixcloud plugins, and community-developed plugins are generally unavailable in the plugin section of Volumio, unless the authors specifically submit them for approval and inclusion.

The reason why I have not done so, is that these plugins are not guaranteed to play nicely with the current version of MPD that comes with Volumio 2.x (MPD is one of the software components responsible for playing the tracks). Most SoundCloud and Mixcloud tracks should play properly, but there are some that will not because the MPD version on your Primo is too old to be compatible (said MPD version was released in Feb 2018).

I have also made available a more recent version of MPD so that all supported tracks will play, but to update it would require following a similar procedure as installing plugins manually and is also not officially endorsed by Volumio (read: no guarantee that it won’t break things).

When Volumio 3.x is officially released, then it would be time to reconsider submitting these plugins (and a couple other I have made) for inclusion, since 3.x will ship with a recent version of MPD.



Thank you very much for your detailed clarification! So let’s hope for 3.0

So if you people want to raise voice to Deezer this link is a good place I guess :slight_smile:

Either link does not work or thread has been deleted…

Please check now, I edited the link in my previous post. If it works now please delete this post :slight_smile: