Deezer Plugin

There is an plugin for Sportify existing, but it would be also nice to add somehow also “Deezer” to this fabulous project.
At least i would highly appreciate this :sunglasses:

Thx. A

Would love plugins for both deezer and Tidal.

I can get Deezer via squeezelite, however it defaults to vbr and I have Deezer Elite, which is flac

+1. Somehow I like Deezer better than Spotify, and would fancy using that through Volumio. Earlier Squeezebox owner and Squeezelite with RasPi user.

I stumbled on this project… The only thing Volumio and my Rasp is in the dust is because the lack of Deezer support.

Maybe this can be used for the IT specialists. … pberry-pi/


Deezer, Qobuz, Roon, Tidal … Spotify plugin is not enough.
Thx for this very good OS !


Please add Deezer to the list of supported streaming services ! we are 8 millions of users :wink: :wink: :wink:

I agree ! Please.

I love volumio and use it daily.

Now using myvolumio with Qobuz and NAS but also have a Deezer account. So Deezer would be a real nice feature. :slight_smile:

Verstuurd vanaf mijn BLA-L29 met Tapatalk

Yes. Will be great to have deezer support for Volumio.

Please integrate Deezer to Volumio!!!

+1 Deezer is a great network for lossless audio

Yes even I’m ready to pay for the plugin. I guess a project like volumio should have all of the streaming services.

Hi i tested to run Deezer via bluetooth and it sound so much better then Spotify.
As a real plugin it should sounds great and i hope that it will come a plugin real soon…