Deezer plugin coming?

I’m a Qobuz and Deezer subscriber. I got Qobuz installed with a plugin. The Volumio website stated that there was native Qobuz support, and by installing Volumio primo 3 this seems not to be the case.

Nowhere can I detect a Deezer plugin. Is support for this streaming service in the pipeline???


Hi Ron,
QOBUZ native integration is there: you need to sign up for Volumio premium.

Deezer support is not there, despite all of our efforts, Deezer stopped replying to our email.

Thanks, I had the Qobuz plug-in running in no time after consulting the forum. Still, the Volumio website said there was native Qobuz support. A bit misleading.

I will mail Deezer and try to ask what the problem is.

Why misleading? What can be improved in communication?

Because it was not standard included like Spotify on the main setup page. I had to search for a plug-in on the community forum. As I’m working with Linux and SBC computers it is fairly common business, it is easy to install plug-ins, but not for an uneducated user. So please include native Qobuz install on the set-up page for a new custom installation.


Sorry, forgot to mention that I have opted for a Premium account!

Where do you get such plugin and such wrong info?
Qobuz is included if you have a Myvolumio non free account… Just go in sources a login.
No need to install anything by hand :wink:

Was not so when I installed it 3 days ago! Made a Premium account and after that followed the website instructions and NO Qobuz install feature was available on the GUI. So I landed on this community and found the way to install Qobuz via a plug-in.

Again, NO Qobuz was present in the sources install items!!!

You have to login Myvolumio, enable it on your device and the login Qobuz in sources

Where did you find this plug-in? Are you talking about the old ones found on Github?

Yes, some 3 ear old github file.
volumio-plugins/plugins/music_service at master · volumio/volumio-plugins · GitHub

I think you’re confusing quite some stuff here… The plugin you linked does not work at all, it never did…

Let me re-establish some truth:

  • Volumio has QOBUZ native integration, which requires a premium account. To use it, you need to navigate to the Settings → Sources Menu and login.