Deezer integration

I’m currently working on a Deezer client that works as a daemon (based on spopd source).
As far as I known, Spotify has been integrated on Volumio 1.55 using spopd).
Questions :

  • What do I need to changes/add in my Volumio distrib (1.55) to add a Deezer support ? (db setup, php files, …)
  • Does the Volumio 2 still using spopd for Spotify ?

I have uploaded some files for enhanced SPOP control in this topic.

According to the Github repo it still uses the SPOP daemon for Spotify integration.

Yes, Volumio 2 still uses the spop daemon for Spotify support, but in a more limited way than Volumio 1.55. Spop is based upon the now deprecated libspotify library from Spotify, and is no longer being maintained.

Spotify has introduced a new library, “Spotify Web API”, and we are starting to use a Node.js wrapper for it in Volumio 2. The new Spotify Web API offers a huge step forward in terms of metadata and is continuing to add new endpoints for even more functionality.

The issue right now is that unlike spop/libspotify, which supports userid/password authentication, Spotify Web API requires an Oauth2 flow where the user signs into their Spotify account and grants permission to the third party app for access to their personal Spotify information. So right now access to a user’s playlists still use spop, but all new capabilities will be based upon the new Spotify API.

Hopefully Spotify will release a thin client “play-only” API in the future that will allow for the total replacement of spop, and therefore no more dependencies on the deprecated libspotify library.

What’s going on with this?
Is there any repo, so that someone could contribute?