Debit on my credit card

What is the email address where I can send a request to clarify why was my credit card charged on the very first day of the free trial period?
I don’t want to give my personal information on the forum.

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You are not charged when you start the trial. But depending on your credit card, there might be a deposit charged by our payment provider. This of course is only to check the card is valid and is not an actual charge.

You can however get support by writing to our customer care here

Thank you for information - I understand this deposit will be refunded?

Deposit has not been returned to my account so far - does this mean that your claim that the trial period is free is a scam and extortion?

Usually this is a 0 EUR\USD\GBP charge, just to verify that the card is valid and has money in it. So, even if it looks like a charge, it’s not.
I am not sure what happened in your case, in any case if you don’t go past trial period, whatever sum has been debited will be refunded. Bear in mind that refunds can take up to a certain amount of weeks to show up in your credit card balance (depending on your card issuer).

In any case, I checked and I don’t find any charge related to your email, nor any trial.

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Mind your words, seriously.

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What do you mean - more clearly please.

That I don’t really like when people randomly say that we do scam and extorsions. Is that clear enough?

Yes it is clear, but I still haven’t gotten an answer to the question I asked you.

But this time "PADDLE.NET*MYVOLUMIO, London, GB " charged me (about 1 EUR).
In the event of a formal dispute - my bank has proof.

It’s the same thing as when you as an example add a new credit card to your PayPal account, they will charge you 1 EUR/USD/GBP etc. to verify your card and then refund you - and that process time is dependant on your card issuer and your bank.

Sure - then I’ll wait a few weeks and if I don’t get a refund then I’ll come back to the case.

I don’t speak English so if the Google translator translated something imprecisely, it needs to be clarified.