Data corruption

Hey new with Volumio. I tried reading what I could, and also the forums, but no one seems to be using it the way I intend to. I have set up a raspberry pi, with a hi-fi-berry DAC, and an SSD, and I plan on using it in my car. However, I was advised that I need to do some extra steps to make sure the files/data won’t corrupt when I suddenly turn my car off and on, like with short drives.

Does Volumio support anything like this? Any power safety features? I don’t want to lose my songs, but I’d love to get this to work in my car. Also if anyone has done this before do you have any suggestions? I don’t know a whole lot about car audio modding, I plan on getting a 12V- 5V car/lighter adapter power plug for the pi. That might be all I need, IDK.

Have a look at this

Ya I literally just discovered this. Does it work with a Volumio OS or only Raspbian?

I used one of his earlier switches in 2017 until I swapped the car and no longer had aux-in on the audio set (but used Volumio 2).
I did not have a DAC hat, so regarding conflicting gpio I can’t say. You may have to use the gpio plugin.

Ok, ty.