dacBerry3+ ES9023 I2S DAC Module For Raspberry Pi B+

New I2S DAC for RPi B+

dacBerry3+ ES9023 50MHz 192K 24Bit I2S DAC Module For Raspberry Pi B+

tekdevice.com/chapter2/index.php … uct_id=116


Really Interested in that.

Any review ?
Is sound clear with 100% gain on DAC ?

I have read that Raspberry PI cannot deliver a Master Clock which this ES9023 DAC needs.
How do that works with this dacBerry3+ ?


It uses on-board 50MHz XO for master clock.

On the paper it looks GOOD.

Any review on this new dac ?

On a Raspi B+ , are the todays linux kernel will be able to drive this DAC ?
Or does it need manual complicated actions to make it works ?

The price is including shipping, ~ how long is the shipping time to europe (France for me) ?


Anybody tried this already? Which settings to use for this DAC? I did see it’s supported in 1.41 and up but it doesn’t show up as selection 1.51.