DAC USB not detected

Good evening,
after other research, it will come that the DAC connected in usb of my FDA “smsl Q5 pro” is not detected.
USB input characteristic:

SA9023 Asynchronous USB Interface
Cirrus Logic CS5341 converter
Texas Instruments TAS5508 + TAS5342 digital amplifiers
Cirrus Logic CS8422 S / PDIF interface
how to know if volumio sees this USB input?
PS: I carried out a system update, but the USB input of the FDA is still not present in the choice of sound output.

sorry, is a google translate.

Is your DAC on the Supported DACs List?

Edit: I looked and SMSL Q5 Pro is listed.
Check in the settings that the I2S is set to Off

thanks for your reply, but in the end the problem came from the defective USB cable; the FDA is well detected, now everything works.