DAC not listed when setting up


Im having a few problems, Just wondering if someone could help?

Today I turned on my hifi and raspberry pi loaded with volumio. I tried to play a song and I got the following error message “Error Failed to open “alsa” (alsa). Failed to open ALSA device “hw:5.0” No such file or directory”.
Also, I was unable to stream music using Tidal connect (my raspberry pi disappeared as a destination from my Tidal android app).

This is weird as I was playing music a couple of days ago, no problem.

To cut a long story short, I ended up reinstalling Volumio on my SD card and now when setting it up, my external USB dac is not listed in audio output (topping d90).

Any ideas would be apreciated,

Not a good idea to post your issue in multiple places.
That is not very polite as you might involve different people at the same time trying to sort out your issue.
Please don’t do that the next time.

What!? I only posted it in one place and then edited it to add some more detail.

I think you are the one who needs a lesson in politeness.


Some dac are really power hungry and their receiver takes power from usb only.
If you have a powered USB hub try putting that in the middle. Let us know

This post must have put me on the wrong foot.
I sincerely apologise in case I insulted you, that was not my intention.

Ok, I appreciate it, no worries.

I managed to fix the problem. I rebooted my Pi a couple of times and suddenly the option to output to USB dac was available.

I think I might have caused the problem in the first place by turning the pi on first and then the dac.


Your welcome.
Seems some (?) have more difficulties to apologise when they’re wrong, even after being shown :wink:

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