DAC I-Sabre ES9018K2M

Hi everyone,
Just bought audiophonics.fr/en/diy-dac/a … 11500.html DAC, but I can’t find að driver for it. Tried every driver Volumio offers, but I only get lot of noise in the right channel, e.q. using Hifiberry DAC. Been googling, but can’t find any answers. Do you have any recommendation for me regarding drivers?

Kindest regards,


HI, this DAC requires special drivers that are not included in Volumio as of now… We’ll probably include in the future

Thank you, I’ll try RuneAudio then, the driver is included there, if I understand correctly.
Do you have any ETA on the driver?

You can use RPI-DAC driver, it avoid the 16bit problem.

I tried RPI-DAC driver, but it can’t play flac files, only mp3 or webradio channels. When Volumio tries to play flac files, the sound is distorted, but sounds fine with MP3.