Dac for portable Raspberry pi zero 2 player

Hello everyone, it is my intention to create a small project for a portable music player, to be listened to at home without having to plug it into an electrical outlet.
so I was thinking of using a raspberry pi zero 2 connected to a 20000h power bank (with ‘Volumio’ as software, of course), and I was looking for a cheap usb dac to be able to associate. The headphones I will use will be the audio technica ath-m50x.
I already have an ibasso dc03 dac that I mainly use with my smartphone, but I would like to buy a dac of the same price range or just above that I can dedicate to the new player.
Do you have any ideas?

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Recently Discussed here:

I bought another iNassen branded USB C to 3.5 mm dongle & a USB mini to USB C adapter from Amazon. Less than $15 for the two and am using them on my Pi Zero 2 W / Volumio 3 test bed with good success.

Note : You will need to use Volumio 3 with the Pi Zero 2 W. The Volumio 2 platform doesn’t support it without some hacking. Neither do several other software players I tried. Too new it appears.

Mark Gosdin

What are the chances of this happening? I’ve just (literaly, 5 minutes ago) put together this system:

The Mojo does not qualify as “cheap” but i can tell you, it’s a great sounding system!

The Koss KPH30i was just to try it out, I plan to connect this system to other, better, headphones, and to Ruark active speakers.

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Sweet. Not cheap, but solid quality in the Mojo.

Mark Gosdin

Thanks, it really is a great DAC.

To clarify the system:

  • Xiaomi Redmi 20.000 powerbank with 2 out connections
  • Raspberry Pi0 2 W in oficial case
  • Chord Mojo dac
  • Koss KPH30i headphones
  • a bunch of cables.

My only “problem” with this system is the connection between Pi0 and Mojo, as both have micro-usb, and I don’t know any micro-usb to micro-usb cable, both male. so I had to use an adapter.

With a Pi4 (with proper usb-a connections) this would be simpler.

Getting back on topic, I’ve used this one with the Pi0 with good enough sound quality:


It’s about €20,00

For the last year or so I’ve been running a pi zero (original version) with a Justboom Digi Zero into a Schiit Modi dac which is $99 and then a Schiit Magni Heresy which is also $99. I’m powering the pi zero and DAC from a 20,000mah powerbank as it sounds cleaner than the wall-warts (but the Magni is powered by the mains circuit). It’s a bit above the budget and maybe not as portable as you’ve mentioned but certainly sounds really good through my Sennheiser HD 280 Pros I’ve had for years as a relatively inexpensive head-fi stack.

I’ve also got a Dragonfly Black which I use on the go with my smartphone and laptop while out and about, and my Pi 2B running Volumio into active speakers at home. Not tried that with the PiZero, but it sounds great with the phone/laptop, so I’m sure it would be worth a go.

I use a raspberry Pi as the basis of car stereo system and have been using a great little usb dac for years. Also use a sabre 9018 usb from the same company. Excellent sound quality.

Have a look at the range and a number of
price points

This is the one in the car

Thanks it looks like a good product at a small price

Thanks the dragonfly is a product that I value a lot.