DAC Allo Boss 1.2 feed

I own a DAC Allo Boss 1.2 + Raspberry P3.
I am feeding only Raspberry with a wall power supply purchased together with case.

Any suggest to improve feeding without spendig money for an IFI?

I could use power banks or additional wall power supply.


This week I bought an IFI Power supply for my RPi 3B+ with an Allo Boss.
I didn’t seperate the power for RPi and DAC yet , but the results are already impressive.

I’m very happy with it.

Kind Regards,

I guess you are feeding both items through DAC. Isn’t it right?

The improvements are so appreciable and worth to justify the purchase of an IFI?

It’s better to feed power separately to RPI and Boss.
Feed Boss from an iFi adapter.
Feed RPI from its adapter or Allo adapter.
I have done this, and there is a great improvement in sound.

If you plan to upgrade your DAC to Katana or Revolution at a later date, better to buy Allo Shanti PSU right now.

Hi! Thanks for the kind answers!!

Waiting for the purchase of an IFI, do you think some improvement could be obtained if I feed DAC and Raspberry using two different wall power supply?

I don’t think so. But using an Isolator board between the RPI and Boss will make a difference.