Customizing Volumio Kernel on Pi Zero for HubPiWi board

Background: I’m playing with Pi Zero with different add-on boards and Volumio. [A Zero with JustBoom DAC woks great and listening to it as I type this.] I have another Zero with Raspbian Jessie I plan to try with Volumio and a HubPiWi Blue add-on board. See … work/5375/. I have another PiZero HAT (Red Bear IoT) that just provides wifi I plan to try as well. Don’t know yet if it will run out of the box or also requires kernel and module mods.

Question: Can I simply (recognizing dependencies may be missing from the Volumio image so “simple” may be complicated or at least tedious) install the necessary tools and source and build and install the modules in-place on a Volumio 2 image on a Zero? (or on a faster Pi3 and then move the sd card to the Zero?) Since I have working modules on a 2nd Zero, move and install the modules to the Volumio image? This is partially a learning experience, so I don’t mind re-imaging SD cards a few times.

I’ve searched the archives and found threads for older 1.x Volumio that suggest I can build in-place (ex: volumio-rpi-zero-t3797.html). Long term, I am hoping the module support gets into Raspbian and then into Volumio, so this process becomes unnecessary.

Thanks in advance!