Custom Volumio Box with integrated CD Player


Here is my second DIY project powered by volumio. This time I made some plugins (which are all shared to the community).

It is based on Raspberry Pi and Pecan Pi, a marvelous DAC that sounds very nicely with my Eve Audio :wink:

The build can be see on my blog : DIY DAC and CD-player with Raspberry Pi and Pecan Pi


nice!! my compliments…

This looks great. However, how do you boot and shut it down? I am looking for a way of fitting a on/off switch that gracefully shuts down the Pi. I’ve looked at Witty and the Sleepy Pi but I cant figure out how I can get them to work.

For gracefully shutting down and turning on the RPi, look at Pimoroni’s OnOffShim. It connects to the GPIO header using the first six pairs of pins starting at Pin 1. It has a small switch on the edge of the shim, but also provides pads for connecting an external switch. It works quite nicely.

I recently used this on two Volumio projects, the most recent being A Small RPi Based Player with OLED, Buttons and IR Remote. In this case I used a lighted switch (from adafruit) so I can tell if the unit is on or off.