Custom install packages

So this is a straight question about how volumio updates. I would like to use it for other things and load some additional packages like dnsmasq for example to be my home internal dns and dhcp server. What I don’t want to do is have to reinstall and setup the config files everytime volumio has an update. I can see if it’s a while version update needing to do that but not for subversions *(I hope). With that said I know the team is developing on a budget and doing a great job working with the resources it has and interactive with the community. I know any glitches are on me and take full ownership of volumio doesn’t work based on changes from the distributed image.
Thanks again and keep up the good work.

there is a plugin backup and restore i think this could help…

Volumio is designed as a system in it’s own right. It will be updated to achieve this. If you wish to run other services etc. then you are very welcome, but it is totally up to you how update your additional packages when changes to Volumio take place.