Current Version of volumio

I’m bit of confused right now about your version policy.
Why was 2.0 renamed to 0.9x?
Latest available version before relaunch was 1.5 and the more advanced version is now 0.9x.

Could you explain the considerations for this step?

Final Volumio2 is not out yet . We are working and providing a RC version by waiting most of bugs are solved. And the given number (0.978) is the build version. It’s true it’s a bit confusing…

Hey guys, where can I find the number of the current volumio version? I’ve my Volumio Primo running under version 2.861 and am told by the system this is the current one. I’m just a bit irritated cause there are so much higher numbers around (probably all betas?) Would be nice to show the current version number fixed in “System” w/o the need to search for updates every time.

2.861 is the last stable version. You are up to date :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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