Curious Experience With Volumio 3.233 x86

I just turned a friend onto Raspberry Pi/ Digione and gave him an extra Pi 3 that I wasn’t really using that often. It was a player that I did use occasionally, but I gave him the Pi knowing that I have a couple of old Intel NUCs laying around that I could install the x86 version of Volumio on. I wasn’t expecting much after my experience with Volumio 3x on the Raspberry Pi, but much to my shock and amazement it sounded absolutely great!

Excited I thought maybe they finally fixed Volumio 3x so I tried it on my Pi/Digione and it still sounds like crapola. Thin, artificial, and rolled off on the bottom. Interesting side note. My friend decided to update the Volumio to 3x and contacted me immediately looking for information on how to get back to 2x.

When I brought over my Pi we had done some listening on Volumio 2x, but he didn’t get excited about using it until I switched to an SD card running Rune. He said “that sounded different” I asked “different good or bad” and he said “Good!”

Casual users and hobbyists I guess I could understand, but how any serious audiophile that has tried 2x can say that 3x is better, or even as good for that matter, blows my mind.