cubox i4pro cannot reliably start networking

Good people,

I have two Cubox i4 pro boxes, one acquired about a year ago, originally ran it on voyage, been using volumio for a month or so. All seems to work just fine.

Cubox i4 pro number 2 arrived last week, and unlike the first one, this box has been making me pull what little hair I have left.

The problem: it boots fine, but sometimes it doesn’t seem to manage to get a DHCP lease on an IP address. By “sometimes” I mean around 50% of the time. And sometimes, maybe 10% of the time, when it doesn’t manage to get a DHCP lease during boot, I can connect keyboard, mouse and monitor, CD into /etc/init.d and do a ./networking down followed by a ./networking up and I get a working connection.

I don’t see any obvious stuff in dmesg.

One thing I should mention is that I have updated both machines with sudo apt-get update / upgrade, but this behaviour existed before and still exists since.

I was thinking I might run voyage on the machine to see if it has the same problem, or alternatively if doing so makes it go away for some reason.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

This problem is now solved. I now have two Cubox-i4s working just fine with wired ethernet connections. I note in passing that I have never been able to get a solid wi-fi connection working; it seems to stop working after a few hours.