cubox-i Support by Volumio

Hi to every musiclover around here! :slight_smile:

I’ve read a lot about the volumio project and the raspify project as well and I’m quite interested.

The new Volumio project supports the raspberry, but other platforms as well. The cubox by solidrun does also run volumio, mentioned at the volumio homepage.
Solidrun has launched their new cuboxes, the cubox-i. It is a lot more cheaper and the pro configuration with quad core costs only 129$.
Is the cubox-i also able to launch the Volumio OS (for the cubox1)?

Thanks a lot!!

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No, a specific version for Cubox-i will be released soon…

Soon you’ll get also the brand new SolidRun HummingBoard support: … -computer/

Thank you very much for your fast reply michelangelo! :wink:
My cubox-i has been ordernd and i Hope to enjoy Volumio on it soon. :slight_smile:


Am currently waiting for my cubox-i to be delivered, so it is great to hear that it will be supported soon!
I have a couple of questions though regarding the capabilities offered by volumio on cubox-i:

  • will built in wifi and bluetooth (models i2 ultra and pro) be functional?
  • will the possibility to stream via bluetooth to the cubox be implemented (would be great to allow easy streaming from any smartphone/tablet/laptop).

Thanks for your answers!
Regards and a happy new year to the Volumio team!



Are there any news about the Support of cubox-i by volumio?

Hi, I’m interested too: usb audio on raspberry without the occasional pops and cracks seem to be nontrivial, built in spdif digital out is big plus.


don’t want to be a pain in the neck, but I also would be very interested in news about volumio on cubox-i.
volumio is a really great project and I would love to run it on my new 2nd generation cubox.

A cubox-i4 is on the way to Florence… You’ll know when it arrives, porting Volumio then will be quick I hope…

Hope you haven’t forgotten about the original Cubox – still have the same issues with mine.

That is great news!
Looking forward to it.


@michelangelo: That sounds so Great!! :smiley:

(what a nice combo!)

Absolutely Great! Hopefully my Cubox arrives in a few days.

Last check before I am going to buy: what CuBox-i should I buy for running Volumio with S/PDIF output? Is the Cubox-i1 fast enough or should I buy the Cubox-i2 (Ultra)? Does it matter how many mp3s you have :question: I hate it when the interface is reacting slow :smiley:

The entire range should work well, if it was my money I would go with the i4. However the i2 seems the best performance\quality ratio…

My recent experiences:

I was surprised to find the CUBOX-i1 and CUBOX-i2ultra on the shelf at my local microcenter. I was super pumped to try to get volumio working on one and started with the i1.

I could never get the i1 to boot and stably run volumio or any other package. I returned it and purchased an i2ultra.

Volumio booted on the first try on the i2ultra, but i wan unable to map a NAS drive share. I also have a raspberri pi and tried that version of volumio (which is a newer release/build) and was able to map a drive share with the exact same settings that did not work on the i2ultra box… I am mapping a windows type share from a synology NAS. I could never get NFS shares to work, but that could be a synology problem.

Looks very promising, but it looks like we may still be a release or two away from something stable/usable. Any idea when the next release will be?

very excited. Jason