Cubietruck SPDIF DAC HD Audio clicks

Hello, I have a problem with the Cubietruck. I installed the previous version of the Volumio OS (1.4), but after a search on the internet I’m afraid this is a problem that couldn’t be resolved installing the new version (1.5) but anyway I prefer asking to you. I have an external DAC, the Beresford Caiman MK II, and I wanted to take the digital SPDIF Toslink output from the Cubietruck so that the DAC could convert it. The problem is that I have many 24/96 and 24/192 HD audio files and for some reason I have many clicks and pops when I try to play one of them (24/192 files are completely mute). It seems that SPDIF output on the Cubietruck doesn’t support 24/96 or 24/192 HD audio files :frowning: . Is there someone that could explain me if there is a solution? Installing the new version of Volumio could resolve the problem? Anybody have had experience on this issue? I only found this on the Cubieboard forums, but it seems that the problem was resolved only for I2S:,1081.0.html . I’m very sad, I hope you can help me. :’(

Probably cubie’s spdif doesn’t support hi res files. I will look into that.
As a temporary fix you can enable resampling to 44.1\16, this way your files will be played…

Thank you for your reply, Michelangelo! From a quick look to the thread that I found on the Cubietruck forum it seems that the problem is solvable, but a solution is not available yet (maybe I2S was more captivating than SPDIF for those who approached this issue). I really hope that a solution will be available soon. Thank you again!

EDIT: It seems that here ( … ment/page2) they found a solution to the problem. I hope that also Volumio can resolve this issue soon. :smiley: Thank you again, Michelangelo!