Cubietruck & SMSL M8 USB DAC issues

I have a CubieTruck running Volumio 1.5 . I just purchased the SMSL M8 USB DAC ( … 1497.l2649) and a SMSL SA-50 amp. My Power adapter is a 5v adapter from Rocketfish. The issue that I am having is that I can play music via Volumio and the SMSL m8 via spdif but when I try to play the music via usb I get a digital buzzing but no music. Tried every combination via the Web UI but no luck. All I get is digital noise via USB. Not sure how to resolve the issue or what the next step is ( I am not experienced with Linux) . Any suggestion would be great.


Did you manage to sort this out as I was looking at using the DAC with Volumio? Any update would be much appreciated :wink:


I have the same problem with th M8 at a raspberry pi 2 B. Somebody wrote at the raspberry forum that at boot-time only the M8 should be connected at the USB port and no other USB port should be in use. And then set in Playback ASIO as output. But at the moment I can´t test it. May be it´s a general problem with the used Xmos USB input card of the M8 Dac?

It´s interesting me too.

I had a similar issue with playing 44.1 FLAC files, i got a lot of noise.

It was fixed by adding dwc_otg.fiq_fsm_mask=0x3 at the front of cmdline.txt (which you can edit in Windows) which fixes an USB problem with this DAC (didn’t dig exactly into the problem).

Otherwise, this DAC is worth every penny :slight_smile: