Crontab problems, @reboot and other time over the day

First and formost!
Hello from Sweden, and just let me add What a great piece of software you have made to run on my Pi! =) Thank you very much !

So, appart from the software itself running fine, Im having problems with scheduling it through crontab.
I have tried to create a crontab file(with crontab -e) on the users ‘root’, ‘volumio’ and ‘pi’ with out any luck.

I made a simple batch script which simply set the volume to 22(see below)

mpc volume 10

I call this script through crontab -e with the mentioned users above, but to no avail. The script is not being run at reboot. Below is what i have in the crontab file for each user on my device.

# m h dom mon dow command
@reboot /home/pi/

Can anyone help me out on how to setup a cronjob on the volumio, or point me to a direction on how to do it on a Volumio distro. I have done this before on other ubuntus and alike without much problems, but I must be missing something in this case.



Cron is disabled by Volumio, you have to edit a .php file to enable it.
You’ll have to search in this forum to find out which file it is (I dońt remember).