CrimsonKing from Rome, Italy

Hi everyone! I’m Ruggero from Rome and i bought the allo piano 2.1 + kali to replace my htpc (which wasn’t a real htpc having a Xeon 6 core cpu, Nvidia GTX 970 gpu and a 850W psu :smiling_imp: ) with a xonar essence st soundcard. So far i’m impressed by the audio quality of such a small and inexpensive bit of hardware.

My audio setup:

Turntable: Thorens TD-160 + RB300 arm + Denon DL-110 cartridge
Phone stage: Graham Amp 2 Special Edition
Digital source: Raspberry PI3 + Kali reclocker + Allo Piano 2.1 DAC
Amplifier: NAD C325BEE amplifier or Yaqin MS-300B (depends on my mood :laughing: )
Speakers: Home made full range with Mark Audio Alpair 10.3 drivers

I listen to a variety of genres, mainly '70s prog and post rock (such as godspeed you black emperor, mogwai, explosion in the sky etc…) but also jazz and nu metal, so adaptation is key for my audio equipment.

I’m really enjoing listening to this configuration, my only complain, fairly minimal, is with the Spotify Plugin which doesn’t update my playlists.

A big thank you to everyone involved in this project!

We’re actively working to solve the spotify issue!