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Whit Volumio 1.5 i have no problem for add the Freebox credential files with MobaXterm SFTP,The right of access are different with Volumio 2 no SSH root login So I can not add the Freebox Credential,how to do please :confused:

I followed this help,SSH connection to Volumio is ok,but Not access rights for add the Freebox credential files

Yes, you’re right, there is no root ssh login (for security reasons). However, you can invoke ‘su’ or use ‘sudo’ once logged in.

Ok,but with Mobaxterm sftp i add the file by dragg and drop to the Volumio directory,it’s simple,so now I need to use sudo with Vi that’s it?

I think that you need to clarify exactly what you are asking here :slight_smile:

There is no root login, but you can have root control with ‘su’ or ‘sudo.’ I do not have any knowledge of ‘MobaXterm SFTP’ or what you mean by ‘Freebox Credential.’ Perhaps, you need to ask questions on that software’s forum, or at least in a more general form so that we can help you?


Please explain what you mean here. Exactly what are you trying to do?

Please explain what you mean here. Exactly what are you trying to do?
The title indicates it :slight_smile: I want to add a text files in ect directory which contains the name and password of my freebox nas, this is the ‘freebox credential’
one session SFTP Allows me to see the structure Volumio img files As under the windows explorer the copy,back up,move ect… is easy,so with Volmuio 1.5 i put my credential freebox files directely since Windows by drag and drop,you understand?
here a photo

It might indicate it in a vague way, but I obviously don’t understand what you are asking … please give details when asking for help.

You need root/sudo access to add files to the ’ /etc’ directory. I have no experience of the software that you are trying to use, but root access by ssh is not alllowed by Volumio 2. You would presumably need to manually add the file with ‘sudo/su’ in an ssh session.

I had a Freebox and I never had to enter credentials. Why do you have to do that ?
If it is to access files stored on the Freebox you can do that in’my music’