Crackling every few seconds with UD110v2

So my USB DAC got delivered today, I went for the Stoner Acoustics UD110V2. Seemed like all was fine - it was recognised immediately after installing v1.2 beta and music starting playing straight away.

However, every three or four seconds, it makes a crackling noise, like it’s stuttering/skipping or something. I have no idea what to try to get rid of this.

It does it with mp3 and flac files from my NAS, and any m3u files played through webradio. I’m connecting by ethernet and not wifi as well.

What can I try doing to fix this? I tried following the instructions here but it hasn’t helped: solution-pops-and-clicks-t772.html

Edit: Interestingly, using Airplay is fine. So this is an MPD issue it seems. Maybe I should have this elsewhere since it’s not a DAC issue?