Cover art to mpdroid?

Just installed Volumio 2.0 yesterday. Very nice to try the new version!

I’ve seen it asked before, but not with an easy solution. How can we see coverart in 3rd party apps like mpdroid? What do we need to put in the path folder to be able to get served our cover art?

Thanks in advance … umart.html

Thanks for the guide, I completely missed that.

Unfortunately it does not seem to work with me. volumio.local never worked at my network, so I changed that to the IP adress, but no cover art is found this way.

For the time being I will try and use the old way

Hello together,

I rediscoverd Volumio - and it’s (still) great.

But: There is one problem, the cover-art. I configured it like written in the manual. Is there any step missing? I think the path shown in mpod is ok. First i thought it was my nfs-share and now i made a new SD_card mit some music on an USB-Stick, but it’s still the same. I checked the path and the folder.jpg with explorer - and I think it’s also ok.
Is there any way to test the path with my windows?
Greetings from germany