Cover art not displaying for any album in album (grid) view

I installed Volumio v. 2.861 yesterday (my first ever Volumio installation) and the only buggy feature seems to be album art not displaying in some views. If I go to Albums (grid view) none of the album covers displays. See below:

This seems to be a bug as I have seen a video review of Volumio and I’m sure the reviewer was browsing working album covers in this view. I should probably point out that if I play an album, the cover art shows up as expected.

The same problem exists in the ‘artist’ page - is that also a bug?

anyone? Bueller?

I don’t know if I could have avoided all this work but I put a folder.jpg file in each album folder to ensure that all the covers were displayed.

I have a “cover.jpg” image in every folder and that works fine in playback view so it shouldn’t be an issue of file names.

What resolution do the images have? Too high resolution images could be not displayed in that browser view.

It varies but the size doesn’t appear to be an issue as these images do work elsewhere in small and medium sizes, e.g.

I decided to re-install Volumio from scratch and this time the album covers are appearing. Strange glitch but happy to resolve it :slight_smile:

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