Could not start web ui . please help me

Currently I cannot start web ui. I changed the memory card to record the img file but it failed.
loi loi loi.png
loi 2.png
loi 1.png

What device do you use?
Only x86 version of Volumio provide a local webUi.
For other versions you have to access it remotely via an other device on the same network.
If you need a local webUi, you have to install the required plugin.
Have a look at the doc.

I use raspberry pi 4.

On the console of your RPi, check if the service is running with:

netstat -tlpn | grep 3000

The response should be a service LISTEN on that port 3000
TCP port 3000 is forwarded by iptables to http, you can check with:

sudo iptables -t nat -nvL | grep 3000

Then use a computer, tablet, smartphone on the same network as your volumio and browse to volumio.local

just my 2 cents…


After executing the command shown like this
nhu the nay.png

no need for so complicated thing…
just connect to your device using its IP or use volumio.local

Could not connect by your way. It has not yet started to UI. I’m getting an error like I photographed.

You don’t have to enter command in the console… no need for a screen or keyboard on the RPI.

Connect from an other device.
Search your network to get the IP if needed.

You don’t understand the nature. When volumio has not started the web UI, there is no way to control it.

Sorry but I think you don’t understand how it works… there nothing else to display from the RPI. No webUu or xserver to starr. Volumio is a headless system. The only way is to access it from an other device on the same network. That’s it. Once it is done, you could install a plugin in order to use a local display.

All the images above are I took pictures from the Laptop. Currently on the laptop can not be controlled. including control via IP and local.