Corrupt USB drive after ripping


I’ve been using ri3 and Asus tinker board to rip cds.

After ripping about 10 cds on the tinker board, the usb drive goes corrupt and all info is lost. I have been formatting them in ntfs…when put into a pc, it also comes up as corrupt and needs to be reformatted.

It’s funny you should mention this - I suffered the same yesterday. Mine was a 1tb USB drive. I’m not sure what the cause is (though I think it might be power related). I’m replying because I found I was able to recover the data completely using the free to use Recuva application from CCleaner. Works a treat, though it took a good couple of hours to recover my drive - still quicker than re-ripping your CDs! Just a heads up - when you tell it to recover the files, by default it will stuff them all in one folder - you must select the “recover original folders” (something like that anyway!) from the options. This will copy the files/folders to a folder on your PC. Once done, and you’ve checked that they have been recovered successfully, reformat the faulty drive and copy your recovered files back, and plug the drive back in you Volumio device. Good luck…