copyright infringement warning letter ("Abmahnung") :-(


yesterday I got a copyright infringement warning letter from a lawyer. It is claimed that I offered file sharing for a movie and by this it is said I violated copyrights. I’m asked to pay 915 EUR within 4 days !

Considering that for sure I haven’t done anything actively I believe this is bulls@'t, but however, I also like to exclude that someone else caused this.

You might ask what’s the link between this and Volumio. Good question, but actually this is my question here.

My point is that for sure I have not offered actively any file or movie for download. However, I cannot say for sure that at the time for which it is claimed that I haven’t had Volumio running. So I am wondering whether it is thinkable that somebody hacked my LAN, logged into Volumio and installed a file sharing service or did something to support BitTorrent or whatever similar.

I would be glad to get some hints in this.

Also it would be good to know whether Volumio records when it is switched on so that I can figure out whether it was running at the point of time when the claimed infringement happened.

Many thx in advance, Axel

Dear Axel,
even if this sounds to me like a scam, I can’t comment this legally (suggest you to talk to a lawyer).

About the possibility of being hacked trough your LAN, I consider extremely strange that someone installs a bit torrent client on your pi and then shares some movies from it.
It’s more plausible that you got your wifi password cracked somehow and someone borrowed your connection to download stuff.
That’s obviously IMHO.

As for the record, Volumio does not store any log (they will ruin your SD Card). I am thinking on something to help you, to retrieve the data that you need. As a precaution I will however change wlan password and your NAS credentials at least, if not all of your passes

Thx Michelangelo for your very fast response!

I have been in contact with a lawyer already and I also think this might be scam.

However, in respect to that I do not know it would be good to know if it is possible to find out whether a bit torrent client is present? (even if I also do not believe this)

Regards Axel

Sure, connect to your volumio via SSH and tpye:


From there you can see all the services running on your system