Coolest Streamer Ever!


I have several Volumio streamers and this is my latest permutation. It’s the coolest ever! It’s tiny and sounds great.

It’s made of the following components:

Pi Zero W
Apple USB - C to Headphone Adaptor (DAC)
64gb Samsung Pro Endurance SD card
Zebra Zero Heatsink Case
i-Unker switch
Kuxiyan USBC to MicroUSB adaptor
Canalkit 2.5 amp power supply

I’d estimate total cost (without shipping) at < $75.00

This feeds into a Sony STRDH1090 receiver (100W) and Elac UF5 floor standers.

The SD card holds around 250 CDs. The set-up is tiny and sounds great.

For two years, or so, I’ve been running a Pi 3B+ with a HiFi Berry DAC + Pro which is nice. I had hesitated about using a Pi Zero for this but it works great. But the Pi- Zero based streamer wins the prize for coolest form factor, hands-down.

I love it!

This would have been the absolute coolest, we even had a Volumio image for it. HiFi sound with a TI PCM5121 DAC built-in, spdif optical (toslink) / 3.5" jack combined output. Unfortunately the company was not able to market it, sounded excellent, still use one as a portable. USB wifi dongle for NAS library and a small power bank as psu, pair of good Sennheiser headphones, does wonders… … e740a2cbc9