Convert Google AIY Kit

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone thinks it would be possible to turn the AIY kit into a music box for volumio. I really want to use the built in speaker that comes with the kit rather than the hdmi or audio jack. I think this would be great to be a music player in my child’s room.

Me too only my set up at the moment is a Volumio on an R Pi 3 connected to a TV style Audio amp/speakers. I would like to get the Google AIY kit to control the Volumio and for the Google AIY to cut the volume on teh Volumio when answering a question.

Definatly a great “Lock in Project”.

Seems to me it would be easy to have a GPIO output operate a relay to half the volume output of the Volumio and switch in the output of the AIY kit whenever the AIY was answering a question but I am not sure about the Volumio being controlled by the AIY as in “Play Radio 2”.