Controlling external equipment

Hi, i’m completely new to the Volumino-System and have a question to decide, if this is the best solution for me.
I want to control my Stereo System with a Raspi, which is quite easy by using the GPIOs and apps like NetIO. So my question is, if this can also be done under the Raspian-based Volumino. Can i run Python-Scripts for the GPIO-Controlling parallel to Volumino? Or is something similar possible with the Plugin-System?

regards, Eckilein

Hi Eckilein,

First off, it’s VOLUMIO, not volumino :laughing: a lot of people spell it wrong, I guess it’s confusing.
You can certainly control your gpio pins with a python script, also you could do that with a volumio plugin in node.
It’s up to you to decide which way to go, depending on what you want to achieve.