controlling a gpio with either playstate or a button at the purchaser?

hello folks, i’m just waiting on my pi to reach in the mail, however inside the period in-between am wondering if absolutely everyone has a running choice to toggle a gpio on the pi. basically i want with a purpose to flip my amp on and rancid without walking over to it. i would be glad with it approaching automagically while playback starts, and turning off once more after (say) 10mins of silence. i would additionally be happy with a button in an mpd client that i could use to manually however remotely toggle the amp. amp would manifestly be managed via a relay, not without delay from the gpio.

Take a look at the #plugins category what you seek you shall find there :wink:

There are quite a few ways to achieve what you want - there are either general GPIO control plugin, or a more purpose specific one aptly named: