Control Volumio with Siri using Shortcuts App

I am trying to control Volumio with Siri, using the new Shortcuts App. My approach is, to use the RestAPI to play/stop Volumio.

So I created a shortcut, where I use this URL

and then open the URL in Safari.

That works very well. The only problem is, that every time I run the shortcut, a Safari tab will be opened. Are there any possibilities to trigger the URL without opening the Safari tab?


EDIT: Okay I found the solution:

instead of opening the URL in Safari I changed this step to get content from url and used the GET method

Could you supply a screen dump of that configuration, please?


Here is a screenshot of the steps needed to play a playlist in Volumio.
It assumes that there is a playlist named “BBC1” which contains the radio stream. Of course it works with normal playlists containing multiple tracks as well.


Other supported REST API commands (toggle, mute etc.) can be found in the official documentation:

I also built a Siri shortcut that asks for your volumio host url and the name of your desired playlist. It’s possible to assign a voice command to it as well (in the settings of the shortcut), e.g. „Hey Siri, play BBC Radio 1“. You can download it here:

I used your scripts for a long time, but Volumio doesn’t accept playlists from radio stations anymore. :pensive:

The latest Volumio version 2.834 has resolved this problem!