contro amplifier

i’m using volumio with raspberry pi3 and mamboberry ls+ dac from a couple of weeks, with spotify plugin.
I feel the lack of some features:
1- i would like to control the motorised potentiometer of my amplifier via volumio volume interface
2- i would like to power on/off the amplifier with volumio command or just with raspberry power on/off
3- when i play webradio, i can’t play spotify music anymore, until i reboot the system
4- when i look for an album or genre in spotify, the “back” button doesn’t work and just bring me back to home and not to prevoius step
any suggestion?

Unless such control is done in a generic/standard way across different amplifier makes (I have no idea about this), then what you are asking for is a unique version of Volumio for your amplifier. What you might be able to do is write scripts that achieve what you want and then possibly write a Volumio plugin that provides the connection between Volumio-scripts-amplifier. Obviously it depends on your programming skills, but it sounds non-trivial to me.

Forst, Thank you for your answer. I don’t have any knowledge in programming scripts. What you says is true if you want to have direct tension out from volumio for controlling the potentiometer. But if volume up command just activate a standard relais and volume down another release, then the deal is done and will be universal. All audiophiles knows that it’s better to control the volume in amplifier and not in source to avoid s\n ratio drop. Now I can achieve it only using my smartphone and amplifier remote together and it’s not really comfortable.

Yesterday I published a plugin in this thread that should do the job: When you start playing, it will turn on a selected output on your RPi. When you pause or stop playback it automatically turns the output off. This way you don’t have to take care of switching on/off all the time. However, depending on the type of amplifier, it might not be that healthy to turn it on and off all the time. Right now, I’m still trying to figure out a better way for such amplifiers.