Contribute by Translating Volumio to your Language

Yes, I was thinking to adopt this kind of infrastructure for translations…
My best bet would be :

But this also seems interesting!

That tool looks absolutely spot on Michelangelo!

I tried to shorten the long german words. Some are germanized English Words.
I tested the sites also on my phone (5"). Everything looks good.

No weird look and overflows to new lines.

I found also a problem with playlists. Maybe you can send it to the right programmer.
In the data/playlist folder, the uri is saved with a starting / (“uri”: "/NAS/Alpha1/For …)
It’s not possible to playing the list. The logfile says:
2016-06-30T06:46:56.092Z - info: Exploding uri /NAS/Alpha1/Forever Young/06 - Alphaville - Forever Young.flac in service mpd
2016-06-30T06:46:56.093Z - info: ----------------------------/mnt//NAS/Alpha1/Forever Young/06 - Alphaville - Forever Young.flac

There is a / to much between mnt and NAS
If I change the playlist file with an editor, everything works.
Same problem with the Favourites.

My Version : System Version 0.923 Released Sat Jun 25 19:13:27 CEST 2016

language_de.tar.gz (3.46 KB)

Silly question. Is there a style guide of sorts?

Should we capitalise all the words on buttons, for example, as in “Add To The Playlist”, leave only some words, as in “Add to the Playlist”, or do you guys prefer me to shut up and go back to work?

Most places we will capitalise the words automatically.

Great, I started on a danish translation.

I’m not very good with git so I’m going with option 2 and attaching both files with translations to Polish :slight_smile: (4.25 KB)


Here is the translation for Swedish :slight_smile:


//Magnus (4.06 KB)

Thank you Magnus! How do you call swedish in swedish?

I can answer that - it is “Svenska”

Yeah that is correct :slight_smile:

Hi, Michelangelo!

Please add russian language (4.95 KB).

  • Ukrainian language, please :unamused:

volumio_language_ua.tar.gz (5.13 KB)

But the problem with the display of the buttons in the interface and get an incomplete localization.
[spoiler]Знімок екрана з 2016-08-13 22-56-33.pngЗнімок екрана з 2016-08-13 22-55-30.pngЗнімок екрана з 2016-08-13 22-57-32.png[/spoiler]

A little contribution from Norway;-)

Language files in norwegian for Volumio 2


Languagefil_norway_Volumio2.tar.gz (3.57 KB)

Thank you guys! Languages added!

I will attempt a translation in Greek

Never done this before but i really want to contribute something to this awesome project!

here it is
volumio_language_gr.7z (3.94 KB)

Hi Volumio people!

First of all I want to thank you for all the work you do for Volumio. It is an awesome system. It is again fun to listen to music! Thank you!!!
We have 2 Raspberrys with IQAudIO DAC PLUS DACs. Yeah they Rock! My whole family uses them! The youngest being 9 years.

Because I wanted to help you with something I translated the language files to Finnish. Sorry, no GIT knowledge and even to test the files seems hard to me…
But they should be okay. My only concern being that some translations can be a little long. You know Finnish,we have long words to keep warm in the winter… I will have a look when they are included and correct if something is not okay? (3.95 KB)
The word for Finnish in Finnish :smiley: is “Suomi”

Bye for know! I will keep on donating. I think that it is fair to pay for such a nice system!