Contemporary optimizations plugin for local connected displays

I downloaded from post #157 above

I have send you a personal message


The files has been changed again on v 3.066. If I should have known I would not have updated…
At least now we know that this files can be changed during update process and as a preventive measure it will be to Flash the new image on a different SD card and check.

Hello @gkkpch ,
Since I realy like this mod kindly pls tell us the next question
I have updated now to v 3.066 and I see that layout file from /volumio/http//www3/styles/ has changed from app-3a6d55fad7.css to app-936d2e26fe.css or that one app-313de2febe.css.
on previous version 3.063 64 65 the files app-3a6d55fad7.css ahs been used. I have some modified files from @2aCD which makes the layout side by side .
could you please tell us if this file will be all te time changed , or at least when it will be the latest updated of this file .
Currently what file is used ?
I use only beta versions :slight_smile: and is ok. I am on latest 3.066. Version. And with latest mpd the web radio plays more ok.

As for ALL system files, we give no guarantee that these are not changing, either automatically when they are generated or manually when updates are being made. User changeable features are in configuration files and editable from the UI, that is all.
What you are trying to do may work now and be broken the week after. It is not the right way, your only chance to get a solid solution is a feature request.

This file will be changed every time there is an update in GitHub - volumio/Volumio2-UI: Volumio2 Web Based User Interface

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here are files for Buster 3.066/67

for small resolution displays: (42.0 KB)

for high resolution displays: (42.8 KB)

and with UI integration: (89.9 KB)

An updated Download at first post exist

Hi @2aCD ,

Many thanks for your update :slight_smile:
I am currently on v3.067 and is working great .
I will not update from know one until the release is stable or plugins will be added.


Perfect, thanks @2aCD

I tryed what you suggested and I’ve been actually able to find and change the fontsize on the debug screen.
There’s a huuuge problem anyway… I really don’t know how and what to change on the css! :sweat_smile:

I don’t understand you exactly, witch debug screen from UI you mean.

This is great!
It took me a little while to figure out how to make it work, but I finally got it.
One question:
Is it possible to remove the bottom bar (Queue, Devices, volume)?

I have a TV connected to the Pi, and am using Tidal Connect, so those ‘buttons’ aren’t much use to me.


Hi Xhorder,
yes it’s possible. If you use the UI-integration, then please edit the *_2.css and activate the mod 2 with the UI again to activate the changes.
Have you replace the original css direct manually, then change the *.css file.

Please search this section:

#footer-content #player-bar.playback-bar {
    height: var(--barshight);
    bottom: 0;

To hide the footer bar, add this direct as next section:

@media (min-width: 1919px) and (max-width: 1921px) {
    #footer-content #player-bar.playback-bar {
        display: none;

The @media tag set this only for 1920 resolution and not for other

To expand the content area to fullscreen, search this section:

#layout-container .main-container.with-playback-bar {
    padding-bottom: var(--barshight);

and add direct as next section:

@media (min-width: 1919px) and (max-width: 1921px) {
    #layout-container .main-container.with-playback-bar {
        padding-bottom: 0;

Now you can change the albumart size to a bigger view with the variable

best regards

thanks for your quick reply.
However, I tried to follow your instructions, but nothing changed.

Any suggestions?

Hi Xhorder, did you set Contemporary Save, then Contemporary Mod2 Save.
Do your HDMI setting is 1920x1200 in RPi?
I just did it on my 800x480, it works great. ( I used Mod1)

Could you pls make a picture to see how looks this mod? I am also interesting on 800x480 display.

How do I check the HDMI settings?

This is what I get

This page will show you all settings, but you should essentially use hdmi_group& hdmi_mode to add in your config.txt or userconfig.txt. At least, it’s what was needed with Moode, the same should be for Volumio, unless any Volumio dev. jump in and tell you otherwise.
if you want 1920x1080 (1080p) you can use
But you can read the all page and experiment.

Ok, the css ID for the 2.883 is changed. The v5.0 for 2.873 is not match and the buster version v5.1 for 3.067 also not. I’ll check what’s the differences. Please spend me a little bit time.