Contemporary optimizations plugin for local connected displays


You know the trick to get Hi-res radio for the Talpa channels?
Radio 10

no i just made a skin background for my screen

Ok,than I won’t share it.

tell william,
i’m all ear…but please leave my apple alone…

See PM.

@2aCD is there a way to move the text ect. more to the left?
can we add a background on albumart? radio’s have most of the time transparant as background logo
it would be a nice option to have it filled with a white bg.

btw if i resize the album art the fontsize changes too. if i make album art smaller i get really tiny font it seems to be connected to it…

Hi @2aCD

Is this able to work on a 400x1280 display?

you only will have half hight. mine is 1280 x 800

hi @Thursty24
yes it works perfect with 1280x400. In additional you can upload your own background picture with 1280x400

Hi togehter,

I have update the download for this mod to 5.4
new features are:

  • separate x- y-space for albumart, to move the albumart better horizontal
  • white background for albumart container, if albumart used with transparency
  • disable albumart complete switch
  • possibility to load separat background for PlayView landscape
  • separate space left and right for title info block
  • settings for scroll bar width
  • settings for global scale factor

best regards and have fun

@2aCD My good sir, you are awesome! now I need to download and add it to volumio!

you can give mee a feedback how it works :+1:

I will do so, Thank you

Sorry quick question, where is the download link?

Is there a github link as well?

See first post pls

Aaaah Thank you!

@2aCD thank you for your splendid work! I just completed my new Volumio streamer where I installed your mod.


very nice :+1::grin:

@2aCD, As Sweden - Ukraine is impossible to watch, tried the update for “” with v5.4. on Volumio V2.906

I found that the installation errored out on a missing file “/opt/”. To get through the installation, I’ve placed an empty file in the directory. Not sure if it’s needed or what the content should have been. But it is working

Hi @Wheaten
the start the chromium browser on a local connected display with some parameters.
Do you have installed the touchscreen plugin before you start the installation of this mod?