Contemporary optimizations plugin for local connected displays

The looks beautiful! :heart_eyes:

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Hi @Wheaten
ah ok.
The change in is to set the global scale factor on a local connected display. Without touch screen plugin this setting is without function.

I’ll change the installer to run without error (create a dummy file), if no touchscreen plugin installed.

Thanks for reply :wink:

Thanks for your feedback :slightly_smiling_face:


No need to thank me, the thank you goes to you, for spending all this time into this.

Hi ,

Updated to buster beta v3.078. Settings are kept .Installed the script version

@lausiv maybe this looks nice on your screen…

Hi dvo,
yes I think for a resolution of 1920x400 is it ideal. If I have a little bit more time, I’ll start with a new custom resolution, then I’ll use it.
At time I’m speaking with peppy.player (it’s the developer of PeppyMeter) about the next peppy version. In this version then many dependencies for a better VOLUMIO integration inside. So that I can start with a peppy screensaver plugin for an easy installation.

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that sounds nice @2aCD let’s make volumio a mutch nicer player :slight_smile:
i saw him walk by on the forum a better VOLUMIO integration would be great…
i’m still buzy with a rainmter skin getting it all working is a headache

yep it does:

Just one remark. It seems that Top space influence the resize.

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i know it does you have to play with it to get is right. cut a bit of the top to center it …

The best way is, place the left upper corner on the right position with x, y position. Then in next step size the right lower corner with size option

Yep, that is working. And darn it looks great!!!

Yeah, this is the one!


Hi is there a way to get rid of this items via CSS, want to avoid a lot of trial and errors, as the CSS is pretty huge?

I am also interested. I never used those buttons in 2 years.

make it a switch on / off so people can remove it

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You go girl

hahaha, ain’t these the wayans brothers?

Yes you are right. I have this buttons also not used in two years. I’ll add an option to hide this bar, when I’m back from my vacation :wink: