Contemporary optimizations plugin for local connected displays

@2aCD do you have a idea how to increase the width of a scrollbar?
i can’t use it at the momment… can’t get my fingers near it…
for the classic and contemporary

i tried webkit-scrollbar in the .css

not yet where is that?

Hi @nadirfly
I think, you can use a global scale factor to increase all content a little bit. With standard Volumio you find it as an option of the touchscreen plugin. For Buster add it to the /opt/

An option to disable the albumart complete is not available at time. I‘ll look if I find a possibility.

Hi @dvo
have you also try to use a global scale factor?

@2aCD tried that global scale does nothing for the scrollbar

:-webkit-scrollbar{width:45px;height:10px}: didn’t work… instead of standard 10px 10px

do you have still a ace on your sleve? i’m out of mine… resolution 1280 x 800

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hi nadirfly,
I don’t know exactly which mod du you use. I think mod 1 is right for this display.
To disable albumart manually in your xx_1.css do the follow:

search with spaces: #albumartContainer {

the first what you find is: #albumartContainer { 
		position: relative;
		top: var(--aaspace);
		left: var(--aaspace);
		height: var(--calcaadim);
		width: 100%;
		/* max-width: var(--aamax); */
		flex-basis: var(--calcaadim);
		min-width: var(--calcaadim);
		display: none;

add the line with display: none;

and for the goBack button in center search:

/* ----- changed begin GoBack button landscape ----- */

the first what you find is:

/* ----- changed begin GoBack button landscape ----- */
@media (orientation: landscape) {
	div#goBackPanelWrapper {
		position: absolute;
		/* left: calc(var(--calcaadim) + var(--aaspace)/2); */
		/* width: calc(100vw - var(--calcaadim) - var(--aaspace)/2); */

remark the left and width lines with /* … */

Then select the mod 1 again to activate the xx_1.css that you changed.

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with the standard PeppyMeter you have no possibility to change the position. I have a modified version with many additional options, also the position. Please read here a little bit at first:

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Hi again,

I have update the installer on the first post. If you use this new installer with a new installation, then it’s possible to revert to original VOLUMIO without changes (needed for an inplace update to a new VOLUMIO version).
to restore the original files use the uninstall script, thats now included.

best regards

nobody a idea?

I have no found a possibility to increase the scrollbars. It’s not a part of css.

i’m trying a i frame around the index.html but no luck yet…

hi @dvo
I have now play with the entry:

::-webkit-scrollbar {
    width: 25px;
    height: 10px;

and it show now:

Is this what you want?

does this work for the plugin’s too?
i have to install your version to make it work?
gonna try it today with the /app-313de2febe_1.css
i’m on the 3.10 buster

Yes you need one of my css files. I‘ll include this setting with the next version as an UI Settings :+1:


nice so i can use it in the future…
tnx 2aCD for your help on this…

@2aCD it works outside of the system / settings do you know if we can find that one too?
it works on the normal Contemporary but if i use settings it get’s small again

Made a change in the underscore css *1.css or *2.css. Then go to appearance UI Settings and press save again with your selected mod. This copied the underscore css to active css and restart UI. :wink:

No matching version - no installation possible!!
but i see them :stuck_out_tongue: in the install

btw under settings it will not alter it the scroll-bar is there still a option?

3.10 only installed the touch plugin again …

Oh, which VOLUMIO version do you use?

volumio 3.10 buster

Oh je, this is to old. 74 is the latest for Buster. 63 is the first that I have tested. I think it’s better you update your Buster, then all of my installer running successfully.