Contemporary optimizations plugin for local connected displays

Interesting, what kind of glass is used? Do you have a link, it is the first time when I see this.
The glass is cut on a cnc machine or by hand?.
. I have a also a streamer and I think if I can replace the front panel with black glass.

trully: I do not know it is cheap one from glazier :smiley: then car wrap and voila :smiley:

Hello, I’m new of the community.
I followed your tips and the results is great!
I would ask you a support to improve already some little issue:

  • how to increase the dimension of the queue-search-volume icon and text on the footer
  • some cover picture are too small, does exist a way to autoset the pic dimension to fill the space of the cover?

Hi, witch resolution and dimension have your display? If the dimension to small for a high resolution (5,5“ 1920x1080 or so) then the best way is to scale the chrome generally. I have do this for a Waveshare AMOLED otherwise all fonts to small.
This is possible in /opt/ Important: Duplicate a complete line and change only the text:
(I use for 1920 on 5” =2.4)

The autoscale for a to small cover I’ll look. All my covers are 500px or 700px, so I haven’t this problem. I give you a response, if it possible.

edit: I can’t reproduce your problem with to small covers. I have create an 300px cover picture and look, it was scaled to container size in landscape mode. In portrait mode on the left and right side a bit space. But the portrait mode isn’t change it is original.

Best regards

This may seem like an odd question but is it possible to ‘run a file’ to swap layouts?
The reason I ask is that it would be nice to be able to change the display from a remote control rather than from the UI.

Regards. O.D.

Hello 2aCD
thank you for your support. At the end I found the error about cover pics, a typing error on the “aadim” command.

At now the first point is still open. Could you help me about the setting of queue-search-volume icon and text on the footer?

Thank you

Hi, can you post a picture, then can I see, witch text exactly you mean.

Hi 2aCD,

I really like your theme this way.
I have only one question; Would it be possible to have the bottom bar showing the functions like in the classic theme (Browse, Playback, Playlist)?

Hi, unfortunately this is not possible with changes in css. This needs changes on the html site.
What you want, are buttons with another function. That’s not possible

That’s a pity.


has anyone tested this after upgrade to V2.873?

Is it working?


Don’t know in V2.873.
But not working in V3.015

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I’ll test it with 2.873 in next days. But I think the css file is the same.
For a 3.015 I need a little bit more time to migrate it.

I have compared all files that I have changed and found no differences between 2.873 and 2.861.
I have test the new css files and also install files for UI.
It is completely work with 2.873

For a 3.015 I need a little bit more time to migrate it.

If you’re going to try migrating then please target the official beta, not 3.015

official beta doesn’t support plugin’s and is still in testing fase it will take a while before
it will be a real version supporting all the things… so the 3.015 version is all he can do.

Hello ,

I am also interesting if this css files are working in buster beta version . I already installed spotify plugin , pepyemeter and it is working ok .
I got used with this new layout and when I do not have it is …


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I have add the css file to buster beta version and it is working . I do not know if the files from install kit will work, config.json etc , if are compatible with buster beta .

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Hi Lintbf,
the css-file is installed with the touch-plugin. If this not changed, the css is the same. To be sure compare the original css-files from both versions.

Also the other original files that’s replaced with my installation you can compare before.
You can use a compare tool notepad++ or other text editor.

I test at time the PeppyMeter as fullframe on a 1920 AMOLED Display. I have it run as screensaver for play mode with touch to wakeup on 2.8 Volumio. I have modified the sources a little bit to add custom pictures with 1920 resolution. But I‘ll open a new thread with a Step-by-step guide to install it manually.

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Hi ,
I have add the v5 in buster beta and is working great , :slight_smile: hI have forget why I have _0, _1 and _2 and original . I modify _1 :d The ftopacity and bgdarkness are really nice options .

if you need a 3.015 version… 800 x 600 raspberry touchscreen classic version