Contemporary optimizations plugin for local connected displays

Please, this ia a developer forum! I never said that everything and all resolutions works 100%. If you want to help find the issues, post the resolutions used. Then I can try to search the problems.
I have found a little gap between 600 and 800px in hight. That I’ll fix in the next published version.

which version of css did you use - I can try to help but it depends on version

here you go - my version with additional parameters etc. maybe you would like to use some in next (42.0 KB)

Edit: my changes you will find by /*DL

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Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend, quite the opposite! I am so pleased with the work you’ve done. The ‘finally’ was a cry of pleasure as, thanks to you, I finally have the Volumio setup that I’ve wanted for years!
I really do have nothing but admiration for the people putting so much into Volumio (…and in the future I’ll read through my posts to make sure they are not ambiguous!).

All is ok, please post your used display resolution. I’ll look…

Hi again,
I have some little changes and and bug fixing for special resolutions implemented.
Now also the playerbar is optimized for landscape and needs less space from hight.
The opacity of footer is now adjustable.

here the files v5.0

for small resolutions displays: (41.0 KB)

for high resolution displays: (41.8 KB)

and with UI integration: (87.5 KB)

An updated download v5.3 at first post exist
best regards


I am using the latest version from 2aCD and never be happier! One issue that I still have (got nothing to do with 2aCD file) is the output from HDMI of Tinker Board S does not show Thai font correctly. Chinese seems to be Okay.

Any suggestion?

Much appreciated!


This is from my 15.4" screen that connected to TBS’s HDMI port. Thai font looks bad!

This is from my computer and tablet. Thai font looks normal

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You could try installing an appropriate font for Thai, e.g.

sudo apt-get install fonts-thai-tlwg

IDK if this would be the correct package as there are a variety of Thai font packages when searching for them here.

After installing the package restart the touch display plugin.

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Hi gvolt,

Thank you for your advice. It worked! Now I can rest. :slight_smile:

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here’s mine - finally closed in a box :slight_smile:

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Excellent with this display :grin::+1::+1:

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Many thanks for You again - it wouldn’t have happened without you

Thank you, works great on my Pi touch screen

I’ve made some new photosin daylight:

That is realy realy nice, what case have you used and how did you atach/ align the screen to the front panel. I know that this part is kind of hard


  • chasis is from an old deck - with some customization of course - front panel is from glass;

  • screen it is fixed with plywood slats screwed with visible screws to the front panel

Interesting, what kind of glass is used? Do you have a link, it is the first time when I see this.
The glass is cut on a cnc machine or by hand?.
. I have a also a streamer and I think if I can replace the front panel with black glass.

trully: I do not know it is cheap one from glazier :smiley: then car wrap and voila :smiley:

Hello, I’m new of the community.
I followed your tips and the results is great!
I would ask you a support to improve already some little issue:

  • how to increase the dimension of the queue-search-volume icon and text on the footer
  • some cover picture are too small, does exist a way to autoset the pic dimension to fill the space of the cover?

Hi, witch resolution and dimension have your display? If the dimension to small for a high resolution (5,5“ 1920x1080 or so) then the best way is to scale the chrome generally. I have do this for a Waveshare AMOLED otherwise all fonts to small.
This is possible in /opt/ Important: Duplicate a complete line and change only the text:
(I use for 1920 on 5” =2.4)

The autoscale for a to small cover I’ll look. All my covers are 500px or 700px, so I haven’t this problem. I give you a response, if it possible.

edit: I can’t reproduce your problem with to small covers. I have create an 300px cover picture and look, it was scaled to container size in landscape mode. In portrait mode on the left and right side a bit space. But the portrait mode isn’t change it is original.

Best regards